Mission and Vision

We specialize in Fairtrade handmade products made by the underprivileged. Through making these products they get a new life and regain their dignity. By purchasing these products you not only support these individuals but you’re also choosing unique and exotic designs.


We aim to share useful and culturally rich products with more people in the first world. At the same time, this could help those who would otherwise not be able to work get a job and regain their dignity, especially in some of the poorest countries around the world. From being beneficiaries they can now become employed persons, regaining their dignity and able to support themselves and their families.


We seek to reduce the gap between the wealthy and the poor in the world. By purchasing useful artisans products made by the poor, the wealthy can make a difference in their lives, while being enriched by their stories and unique handmade products.

Christian root

We are founded on Christian principles, joining God’s work in bringing in His Kingdom through empowering the poor and the marginalized, as well as bringing economic justice and cultural appreciation.


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