We specialize in handmade useful artisan products that are practical and useful, but also beautiful and exotic, providing an excellent alternative for gifts and everyday items.

We have two lines of bestsellers: “MeaningfulCases” and “JustJewels+Accessories”. Please contact us for a catalog.

What’s special about our products?

Designed and handmade by the poor and marginalized. (Being able to not just make but also participate in designing the products is one of our emphasis. Support is provided to ensure that the products are marketable, but the poor are encouraged to exercise their creativity and share their cultural traditions.)
Beautiful and unique designs. (Culturally significant and exotic.)
Fair-trade. (So you’re directly supporting the poor and underprivileged when you purchase their products, as we pay them a fair wage.)
Useful and practical. (Items that are not just aesthetically pleasing but things that you can actually use in day-to-day life.)
Top quality. (Made using top quality materials from their countries.)

Sample products

Please contact us for details or to request a custom order.

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